[Из песочницы] Linux in RAM: debirf way 2018

Let's see how it can be done in 2018 with versioning and automation. You want to have absolute disk speed?

before run this tutorial

you must know

  • linux essential
  • difference between bash and sh (debirf writen on sh)
  • how to format usb key (any way)
  • what drivers you need for your hardware (or you can debug it via dmesg|lspci)
  • how to automate you desires via scripting

you can replace:

  • usb letter from /dev/sdb to any else (/dev/sdd)
  • working directory from /root/Projects/debirf/ to your choice (/home/username/Documents/debirf)
  • mountpoint from /media/root/8B46-1189 to /media/username/myflashdrive

Steps to prepare

(optional) enable non-free components for basic installation

I think, you will need the non-free repository.

  • open line number 107 of file /usr/bin/debirf like nano +107 $(which debirf)
  • find function create_debootstrap
  • find line like local OPTS="
  • add --components main,contrib,non-free in brackets

for start:

Let's think, our flash drive:

  • must be fast. recommend to use 8+ class, or booting will take many of your time
  • /dev/sdb
  • formated
  • mounted at /media/root/8B46-1189.
  • our working directory /root/Projects/debirf/

Install debirf

apt-get install -yq debirf mtools genisoimage

  • mtools needed for create iso via debirf (not working, but needed)
  • genisoimage needed for create real working iso (optional)

Prepare debirf working directory

mkdir -p /root/Projects/debirf
tar xzf /usr/share/doc/debirf/example-profiles/rescue.tgz -C /root/Projects/debirf
cd /root/Projects/debirf/rescue

And configure /root/Projects/debirf/rescue/debirf.conf


Create LiR

  • Run debirf make . and go away. It need many time, at minimal 15 minutes on top hardware.
  • Run debirf makeiso . for create not working iso (needed for grub.cfg file)

Install grub to flash drive and copy LiR on it

Not tested with UEFI, but must work. I recommend you use bios legacy boot and package grub-pc. Next lines will be do:

  • create mount point (on GUI-powered systems enabled auto-mount, not needed)
  • mount usb key to mount point (on GUI-powered systems enabled auto-mount, not needed)
  • install grub
  • copy grub file
  • copy initramfs (system)
  • copy vmlinuz (kernel)
  • unmount usb key
  • remove mount point

mkdir -p /media/root/8B46-1189
mount /dev/sdb1 /media/root/8B46-1189
grub-install --boot-directory=/media/root/8B46-1189/boot /dev/sdb
cp /root/Projects/debirf/rescue/iso/boot/grub/grub.cfg /media/root/8B46-1189/boot/grub/
cp /root/Projects/debirf/rescue/*.cgz /media/root/8B46-1189
cp /root/Projects/debirf/rescue/vmlinuz-* /media/root/8B46-1189
umount /media/root/8B46-1189
rm -rf /media/root/8B46-1189

Create bootable iso (optional)

  • download isolinux.bin
  • create isolinux config file
  • create iso

mkdir -p rescue/iso/isolinux/
wget -O rescue/iso/isolinux/isolinux.bin 'http://mirror.yandex.ru/centos/7/os/x86_64/isolinux/isolinux.bin' cat << EOF > rescue/iso/isolinux/isolinux.cfg
DEFAULT lir LABEL lir LINUX /vmlinuz-4.9.0-7-amd64 INITRD /debirf-rescue_stretch_4.9.0-7-amd64.cgz
EOF genisoimage -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/boot.cat -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -l -input-charset default -V LiR -A "Linux in RAM" -o rescue/rescue.iso rescue/iso/

Check result

  • Install QEMU hypervisor apt-get install -yq qemu
  • run qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -m 512 -hda /dev/sdb
  • if previous command fails, remove -enable-kvm
  • VM will be started, booted from usb key
  • you must see two menu items, difference in end: console and serial. Select first entry.
  • in ~minute you will see many lines. after it ends — press enter to see welcome message
  • login: root, no password

Customize it: Create custom debirf module

Module — executable sh script for running during LiR creating

  • create module file
  • The order of file names is important. In file network the resolving file will be changed to the system-resolved, and you can not work with the network.
  • lines from 1 to 3 must be present, line 3 must present file name
  • if you want install package — use construction #DEBIRF_PACKAGE>+
  • if you want work with rootfs — use $DEBIRF_ROOT
  • if you want to run command in fakeroot — use debirf_exec


cat <<< EOF > rescue/modules/mi
#!/bin/sh -e # debirf module: mi
# prepare to run on mi notebook
# This script were written by
# Eduard Generalov <eduard@generalov.net>
# They are Copyright 2018, and published under the MIT, #DEBIRF_PACKAGE>+firmware-iwlwifi
#DEBIRF_PACKAGE>+wpasupplicant echo 'iwlwifi' >> $DEBIRF_ROOT/etc/modules cat << EOF > $DEBIRF_ROOT/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant-wlp1s0.conf
network={ ssid="WiFi_SSID" psk="WIFIPASSWORD"
EOF cat << EOF > $DEBIRF_ROOT/etc/systemd/network/wireless.network

and replace line with resolved in file rescue/modules/network with debirf_exec systemctl enable wpa_supplicant@wlp1s0.service systemd-networkd.service systemd-resolved.service

Bonus: lxc on LiR

module rescue/modules/lxc

#!/bin/sh -e # debirf module: lxc
# prepare lxc
# This script were written by
# Eduard Generalov <eduard@generalov.net>
# They are Copyright 2018, and published under the MIT, #DEBIRF_PACKAGE>+lxc mkdir -p $DEBIRF_ROOT/root/.ssh/
ssh-keygen -b 2048 -t rsa -f $DEBIRF_ROOT/root/.ssh/id_rsa -q -N ""
cp $DEBIRF_ROOT/root/.ssh/id_rsa $DEBIRF_ROOT/root/.ssh/authorized_keys
chmod 400 $DEBIRF_ROOT/root/.ssh/authorized_keys debirf_exec systemctl enable lxc-net cat << EOF > $DEBIRF_ROOT/etc/lxc/default.conf
lxc.network.type = veth
lxc.network.link = lxc
lxc.network.name = eth0
lxc.network.flags = up
lxc.network.hwaddr = 00:FF:AA:FF:xx:xx lxc.mount.entry=/var/cache/apt var/cache/apt none bind,rw 0 0
lxc.mount.entry = /root/.ssh/ root/.ssh none bind,create=dir 0 0
EOF cat << EOF > $DEBIRF_ROOT/etc/default/lxc-net USE_LXC_BRIDGE="true"

Мы её прочитали и и в качестве пятничного эксперимента решили опубликовать. От модератора: нам в Песочницу пришла статья на английском языке. Let's come together! Не судите строго, всем peace and happy Friday! Короче, фром зе боттом оф ауа хартс.

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